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Who we are

Partners in Torah is a community of Jewish people from across the globe.

We’re life-long learners, spiritual seekers, and community builders.

While we're all different, we have a common goal to stay connected to our roots.

To do that, we learn b'chavruta, exploring a wide variety of Jewish topics from Jewish Basics to high-level Talmud.

What is Chavruta Learning?

Chavruta learning is a traditional method of Jewish study characterized by open discussion, curiosity, and debate.

Partners learn 1-on-1, and study a shared text, book, or topic.

In today’s day and age, this type of study can easily be done virtually. So it’s not only engaging and personalized, but easy to add to your schedule too.

Here's how it works

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Here's how it works

What we learn

Partners study a variety of topics. Check out our most popular ones below:

Jewish Basics

Just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you’ve got it all in the bag. We all have questions about basic Jewish observance. You can explore the whys, hows, and whats of Jewish thought and practice together with a knowledgeable study partner. Brush up on the basics or learn it all for the first time.

Common topics of study include:
Why We’re Here & The Purpose of Life
Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife
The Jewish Belief in G-d
Predetermination & Free Will
History of the Jewish People
The Ten Commandments & Other Mitzvot
Jewish Ethics

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Jewish Holidays

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Yom Kippur, or about the significance of the Passover Seder? Have you ever been asked what a certain Jewish holiday is all about and not known what to answer?

You can discover the customs and meaning behind every Jewish holiday together with a partner. Not only will holidays be demystified, but they'll become powerful experiences that you'll want to share.

Common topics of study include:
Understanding Passover & the Seder
Why We Celebrate Hannuka
The High Holy Days: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot

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Weekly Torah Portion

Have you ever wondered what’s actually written in the Torah? Or wanted to know how to decode the Hebrew that it’s written in? Then you can opt to study the weekly Torah Portion in English or Hebrew, together with your partner. You can learn in-depth, covering age-old rabbinic commentaries, or simply cover the main ideas. The choice is yours!

Commons topics of study include:
Weekly Torah Portion in English
Weekly Torah Portion with Rabbinic Commentary in English
Weekly Torah Portion with Rashi
In-depth Parsha study with Commentaries (in English or translate from Hebrew)

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Whether or not you attend temple or shul, you can learn the ins and outs of Jewish prayer. Learn about why we pray, get familiar with the siddur and Shabbat services, learn how to say Kaddish, or simply explore the power of personal prayer.

Common topics of study include:
The Amidah or Shemone Esrei Prayer
Morning Blessings
The Deeper Meaning of the Shema
Blessings over Shabbat Candles
How to follow along in a Siddur or Prayer Book
Shabbat and High Holiday Services
How to Say Kaddish
Blessings Over Tzitzit, Tallit, and Tefilin

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What people are saying about us...


This program connects Jews from around the world to study Jewish topics 1-on-1. Partners learn once a week, either in person or over the phone.

Our participants come from all walks of life, and all ages and stages. Our participants range from Unaffiliated to Ultra-Orthodox, and hail from more than 39 countries across the globe.
We aim to pair participants who have mutual topics of interest and similar schedules. Within each chavruta pair, we aim to have one partner who has knowledge of the material being covered. This way, they can guide the partnership as they explore a topic.

Don’t know what to study? No problem! Our Digital Library comes with recommended books on over a dozen Jewish topics. Just navigate to the Library from our homepage, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your next best read.

Still worried? We have both a support team and a rabbi who you can access to get advice. And of course, your partner will likely have some ideas too.

Yes. There is no long-term commitment when you join our community. Feel free to sign up, try it out, and see if the 1-on-1 study works for you. If not, there’s no hard feelings.

In general, studying with someone should bring positivity and value to your week. If you’re not happy with your study partner, or the way your studying is going, reach out to us.

While we do recommend partners try to stick with it for at least 3 sessions, we know that sometimes two people might just not click. If that’s the case for you, get in touch with our support team and we can either rematch you with someone else or let your partner know that you won’t be continuing.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, this program is completely free. No dues, fees, or strings attached. So you can learn with peace of mind, and explore your heritage - without breaking the bank.